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Trükiteenuseid osutav ettevõte

€ 1 700 000

A company offering printing services in Estonia is for sale.
InCorply's client is a company offering printing services in Estonia with a long history. Most of the production is exported.

The company is looking for an opportunity to merge with a company offering similar services for expansion purposes. As an alternative option, the business is sold in a form that allows the service to be offered at least in the same scope and quality - with equipment, brand, customer relations, employment contracts and (if desired) real estate.

  • Sector: Manufacturing industry, NACE 18.1 Printing
  • Speciality: Offset printing service, digital printing
  • Sales object: Company
  • Business name: N/A
  • Customers: Scandinavia + Estonia, 90% regular customers
  • Sales revenue: 3.4 MEUR (2022)
  • Team: 35
  • Selling price: € 1 700 000

Additional information: For additional information about the company, its specialists, equipment, performed services and financial indicators, please contact:
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