InCorply is a business consulting company that specializes in advising and selling small and medium-sized businesses.

InCorply is a member of International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).
Selling a company is profitable

We deliver the right message to the right audience.The abundance of high-quality leads creates the basis for a profitable transaction.
Selling a company is convenient


We manage the sales process from the first contact to the final transaction efficiently, safely and lawfully.
Selling a company is confidential

The planned changes in the company will be known only to you.We follow the good practice of a discreet sales process.
Selling a company

Selling a company

InCorply's sales service is aimed at business owners who want to sell their company conveniently and discreetly.

In addition to organizing the administrative side, we offer a completed process for the company to find a worthy owner under the best conditions for you.


Business valuation

What is the real value of your business?

When valuing a company, we use the most common valuation methods used in international practice. We choose a specific approach according to your company.

Business valuation

Increase business value

Increase business value

What are my company's weaknesses and areas for improvement?

Identifying deficiencies and/or areas for improvement and solving them significantly increases the company's attractiveness in the eyes of a potential buyer and increases the compensation received for the company.

How much is my company worth?

If you are interested in selling your business and would like to consult about the sale price,
don't hesitate to contact us.