We believe that entrepreneurship is and will always be the engine of the economy. Entrepreneurs and healthy competition are the major benefactors of the state and society.

We wish to be a reliable link between companies and enthusiastic people. Like a lighthouse helping to keep the right direction.


Entrepreneurship and more than a decade of experience in business consulting has taught us the value of time. We appreciate the ability to listen and read between the lines. All this makes us good negotiators.


Our team has extensive knowledge of international business and the entrepreneurial landscape. We know the financial and IT sectors, sales, marketing, supply chain, law and management processes.


A new beginning for the company and its owner. We'll find the company's potential and will put it to work. Let's boost the business!

Mati Maasik

Mati has years of experience in advising international businesses. His entire career is linked to sales and negotiations, he has also conducted management, sales and logistics training and seminars. Mati has a master's degree in economics. Mati speaks Estonian, English and Finnish.

Tanel Pastarus
IT Consultant

Tanel has a long experience in leading IT projects in international companies. He also has extensive experience with various business software and in implementing their solutions. Tanel holds a master's degree in IT. Tanel speaks Estonian and English.

Kadri Lenk
Business Analyst

Kadri has a long experience in business data analysis in various fields, from software development to utilities. Working in different international companies has given her a comprehensive overview of the various methods of data collection and analysis. Kadri has a master's degree cum laude in business information technology. Kadri speaks Estonian and English.
Kristina Uus
Marketing Consultant

Kristina has worked as a marketing manager in international enterprises as well as in local SME-s. She has concluded large scale B2B marketing projects and organised consumer campaigns. Kristina has studied business administration and international marketing. Kristina speaks Estonian, English, Latvian, Finnish and Russian.