Construction equipment rental

Ehitustehnika rent

€ 420 000

A construction equipment rental company in Estonia is for sale.
InCorply's client is a company in Estonia that has been providing construction equipment rental services for nearly 10 years. The company is sold in a form that allows the service to be offered at least in the same scope and quality - with the machinery fleet, brand, customer relationship and employment contracts.

  • Field: Construction machinery and equipment rental
  • Object of sale: Company
  • Region: Tallinn and Harjumaa
  • Business name: N/A
  • Annual sales revenue: 600+ thousand euros (2022)
  • Team: 6 employees
  • Sale price: € 420 000

Additional information:
Over the years, the company has earned the trust of customers, being the most preferred partner in its field for renting special equipment.

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