Wholesale of hotel and consumer goods

ā‚¬ 875,000

A company engaged in the import and wholesale of hotel and consumer goods is for sale.
InCorply's client is a successful wholesale company with a long history, whose main activity is the import and wholesale of hotel, home and consumer goods. The company is the representative of internationally known brands in Estonia. The company is sold in a form that enables the provision of service at least in the same scope and quality - with inventory, partner, employment and customer contracts.
  • Field: Trade
  • Speciality: Wholesale of hotel and necessities
  • Sale object: Company
  • Trade name: N/A
  • Clients: Trade chains/hotels
  • Sales revenue/EBITDA: 1170/139 thousand euros (2023)
  • Selling price: 875 thousand euros

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The company has signed exclusivity agreements with certain key suppliers in the Estonian market, there are two functional e -shop and ordering environment for business customers. For additional information about the brands represented, the company's financial indicators and terms of sale, please contact:
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