Catering and event rental

Toitlustus ja ruumide rent

€ 70 000

A company engaged in catering and room rental is for sale.
InCorply's client is a successful catering and event rental company. Rooms with environmental value and a time-honored and stylish cafe are an increasingly popular combination in Tartu. Due to the location, year-round and constant attendance is guaranteed.

The company is sold in a form that allows the service to be offered at least in the same scope and quality - with inventory, brands, lease and employment contracts.

  • Field of activity: Restaurants and other catering establishments
  • Specialty: Cafe + premises rental
  • Object of sale: Company
  • Business name: N/A
  • Clients: Retail client (cafe), business client (rental of premises)
  • Sales revenue: 400+ thousand euros (2023 forecast)
  • Selling price: € 70 000

Additional information:
The company is profitable, smart marketing activities additional potential could be easily realized. In addition, the events taking place within the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 programme also contribute to sales results.

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