Installation of tachographs

Installation of tachographs


For sale is a company engaged in the importation and installation of measuring equipment for the transport sector.
InCorply's client is a company with a long history specializing in the importation and installation of additional and measuring equipment for the transport sector. The main activity of the company today is the sale, installation and maintenance of tachographs, as well as various heating and cooling devices.

The company is sold in a form that allows its services to continue at least in the same scope and quality - together with agency contracts, customer relations, employment contracts and (if desired) real estate.

  • Field: Professional, scientific and technical activities
  • Specialty: Installation and maintenance of tachographs
  • Sale object: Company
  • Business name: N/A
  • Customers: 95% regular customers
  • Sales revenue: 700+ thousand euros (2023 forecast)
  • Sale price: ā‚¬ 1 200 000 (including real estate)

Additional information:
The company is in its own field a leading player with the potential to grow in core services as well as data management and analytics. Commercial real estate and equipment belonging to the company enable a significant increase in the sales volume of the service. The property can be bought or rented in addition to business activities.

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