Orthopedic and medical goods


A company engaged in the sale and production of medical aids for sale.
InCorply's client is a successful company engaged in the sale and production of medical aids, whose main activity is the sale of medical and orthopedic goods and the provision of related services. The company is a representative of internationally known health products and medical aids in Estonia.

The company is sold in a form that allows the service to be offered at least in the same scope and quality - together with inventory, online and retail stores and employment contracts.

  • Field: Healthcare
  • Speciality: Medical and orthopedic goods
  • Sale object: Company
  • Business name: N/A
  • Clients: Retail client
  • Sales revenue/profit: 950/200 thousand euros (2023 forecast)
  • Sale price: 775 thousand euros

Additional information:
The company has a strong position in its field. The results of this financial year so far promise to forecast a 30% increase in sales volume compared to 2022.

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